NOW LIVE // 1WV 1FN 2017

Wasn't sure if we were gonna get it together and launch the 1wv1fn contest this year but with a little help from our friends at weedmaps seems it is indeed on. Very pleased to officially launch the 2017 1wv1fn longboard video contest. Not much has changed this year regarding the rules (please see website), same concept and judging criteria. Stoked to have 6 top logger judges calling it like they see it. No secret handshakes or invites. Best wave wins. Simple as that. With the help of Weedmaps we are now offering an equal prize purse of $1000 for both men and women and $500 for each videographer. Contest will run till October 31 opening up the wave possibilities for multiple regions around the world. Pretty easy money if you can get on it and find the right wave. Stoked to see what comes of the contest this year! 


Innocnts x Globe : Artist Decks

Some pics from our current collaboration with Globe. We curated art from Jose Araujo, Rye Purvis, and Stacy Kranitz to make these limited edition (50 per artist) skate decks. 

Click here to shop the collection.



"The thing I love the most about this album is it takes advantage of the lo-fi sound. A lot of other gangsta rap records have this really polished sound, like "Yeah, I'd kill you but I won't 'cause I don't want the cops to take my good studio equipment away." This tape literally sounds like he's rapping over beats from his car stereo and his whole posse is driving around in a used minivan looking for people to take out hits on. The original album cover is just a murky polaroid of him standing in a graveyard leaning on a rusty shovel, no artist name or anything. TW3 ain't afraid of nobody." - YouTube Viewer


Innocnts x Globe // Recap Video

A nice little recap video from our Innocnts x Globe party at General Admission in Venice a few weeks back. A nice look at the crowd and vibes from another successful Innocnts gathering. Good thing our friend Ryan Hackbarth videoed the evening cause we were too busy drinking the free King Harbor beer on tap. Ryan mixed the video up with tunes by DIVOLA or played so well the opening night that the cops decided to show up. 


Innocnts At Tijuana Zine Fest

Come check us out this Saturday (7/15) from 11am to 7pm at the Tijuana Zine Fest off Pasaje Rodriguez & Pasaje Gomez in Tijuana, Baja California. Very stoked to be participating in this event with a number of other solid exhibitors from both sides of the border.  More info about the programming and event here

We'll have a nice selection of zines, pins, stickers, tees, and original artworks on paper by Valerie Jocelyn Bower, Alfonso Gonzales Jr, Marco Zamora, Sic Kid, Tacocidal Tendencies, Aaron Elvis Jupin, DJ Javier, Daniel Gibson, Nadia Bent, Luke Pelletier, Kristen Liu Wong, Evan Mendel, Felix Quintana, Stevie Traylor, Andrea Nakhla, Skullphone, and maybe some more.