We Are The Romantic Ones

Please join us for a special one night group show presented by INNOCNTS. We will be taking over Subliminal Projects on Valentine’s night to bring you a grouping of emotive works by some of our favorite people. Enjoy some complimentary PBR's as you listen to a romantic sound selection by Alf Alpha with a special Hip-Hop set by Kapeesh.


Conversation w/ Henry Fey

I met artist Henry Fey about two years ago while visiting a friend in San Francisco. The two had gone to school together (SFAI) for about a year or so at the time, and we were introduced one night at an opening at Book & Job gallery. The night went on after the show and we consumed quite a few adult sodas, talked the art talk, shot some pool, and I've been glad to call him a friend since. A few weeks ago I had the chance to shoot a few texts back and forth with him and ask him a few questions about his work.

You can check out some more of Henry's work on Instagram at @djslowdance or on his website here.



Found these online accidentally and kinda just really like them from a design standpoint. On a side note, Pantone is a great app for your iPhone or iPad if you find yourself in the type of locations that merit Pantone documentation. Like heaven, the other side of rainbows, Old San Jaun in Puerto Rico, or grandma's rose bush garden.


Jose Araujo x Diablos Book Club

This Friday evening (12/2) our dude Jose Araujo is having a special book release shindig with Diablos Book Club at Courthouse Skateshop in Santa Monica. They'll be selling just 10 special edition box sets at $100 a pop.

Each box set includes GoodTimes Vol.1, a tattoo appointment w/ Jose, 1 special edition tee, custom special edition dice, select patches, 1 limit edition print & some stickers. The tattoos will be from select flash, sign in starts at 5pm. Cold PBR's via @pbr_art. Gonna be a rad night!